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Two factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security used to protect your account from unauthorized access.

When logging in with 2FA enabled, a user will provide their username and password as normal, and then provide a secondary piece of information that only they know. In this case, it is a one time password that is regenerated every 30 seconds.

To start using 2FA:

  • Scan the QR code (that is in available in the Settings > User Management > Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) menu) using an app like Google Authenticator.
  • And enter the one time password into the Code field.
  • Then click register.
  • A set of recovery codes will be generated when 2FA is enabled. Store these codes somewhere safe. If you lose access to the device you registered 2FA on, these codes will be the only way to access your account. They are one time use, and they must be used in sequential order.

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