• Access

Once logged into your DFI-Direct account (https://dffi-direct.ch/clientarea) you can manage your active subscriptions with us: 

Select the service to be administered (in this case your Zimbra mail)

Then click on your subscription to enter the administration of it: 

  1.  Service Details => Allows you to view your subscription and add storage space or the number of email addresses.
  2.  Manage Domain => declare the domain for the email subscription
  3.  Manage email account => create/modify email addresses for your domain
  4.  Manage distribution list => create/edit distribution list
  5.  Webmail => access to the webmail authentication page (https://mailng.dfinet.ch)
  6.  Cancel service => allow you to cancel your email subscription
  7.  Knowledge base => access to our various support pages

  • Manage Domain

The first thing to do when you get Zimbra mail is to declare your domain name.

The domain name can be changed if you have made a mistake or want to change the domain name

Allows you to delete the reference domain name.

Allows you to set up an ALIAS domain name

Declare your domain alias as below:

In the list of domains it is clear that "tester.ch" is the alias of "tester.ch".

  • Manage Email accounts

This is the place where you can manage your email accounts.

By clicking on you create your email account.

Then you need to enter the following information:


The name / first name are values that will be displayed when sending mail.

The password must have a certain complexity in order to increase your security:

  • 9 characters minimum
  • 1 digit minimum
  • 1 special character minimum ("@^`' ?]}$ etc...
  • 1 uppercase letter minimum
  • 1 lowercase letter minimum

Once your account is created it will appear as below:

test@testeur.ch is the email address I just created.

Test test is the name that will appear when an email is sent

COS : means "class of service", if you have taken a Zimbra business you will have zimbra business, we will see later that you can manage the number of emails you want with different class of service.

Quota Usage : is the storage space used by the mail account. By default a Zimbra mail has 3GB of data.

It can be modified by clicking on this button  

By default, a mail account is allocated 100MB of data, if you know that you will need more, do not hesitate to increase the capacity otherwise you will not be able to receive any more mail (because there is no more space to receive them).

When increasing the quota a small wheel allows you to increase it.

Click on Save to save the change.

(Can be moved with the directional arrows of the keyboard)

Is the button if you want to change a password or the name of the email address or the class of service.

To delete the mail account.

  • Options

By clicking on the red links you can update your resources according to your needs.

  • Manage Distribution list

The distribution list is a specific use of email that allows the mailing of information to users who have subscribed to it. To put it simply, it allows us to have a generic email address (info@testeur.com or shop@testeur.com) that points to real email accounts (test@testeur.com and even external accounts if desired).

This allows us to have email addresses without using the email accounts that are allocated to us.

  • How to create a distribution list?

The principle is the same as for the mail accounts.

Allows you to add a distribution list

List name is the name that will be displayed for identification in the list of distribution lists we have.

Email is the email we will choose for the distribution list.

it must not be identical to an existing account

Description is the visible name of the email address.

Add allows you to add new email accounts

In our screenshot test@testeur.com is already registered in the distribution list.

To remove it we need to highlight it:

Then click on to delete it.

Don't forget to save your changes.