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After upgrading Mac OS to Catalina with an SSL VPN-Plus Mac Client, you experience these symptoms:

  • The SSL VPN-Plus Client is no longer running.
  • Installing the SSL VPN-Plus Client on Catalina OS fails.
  • You see the error similar to:
32 bit apps are no longer supported.

This issue is resolved in the SSL VPN Plus 64-bit Client for Mac OS.

Pre-installation Steps

    Before uninstalling the 32-bit client, ensure to make a note of the Hostname/IP Address and Port number of the SSLVPN Gateway. You can access this information in two ways:

  • Under Configure Connections tab in > Settings.
  • Consult your network administrator.

Before installing, remove the existing 32 bit app by choosing one of the steps below:

Do not drag the application to the trash.
  • Click the SSL VPN-Plus tray icon at the top of your Mac OS screen and select Uninstall or
  • Run this command in a terminal window:
sudo sh /opt/sslvpn-plus/naclient/
  • Reboot the system.
  • Download the new 64-bit client

  • Install new 64-bit client.

Post Installation Steps

To add new SSLVPN Networks:

  1. Click on Settings button,
  2. Navigate to Configure Connections
  3. Fill in the details under Add new network for Connection Alias, 'Hostname/IP Address' & 'Port' of SSLVPN gateway.
  4. Click on the Add
  5. After clicking on the OK button, you should be able to see all added SSLVPN networks in Network tab on the login page itself.
  6. Select the particular Network and proceed for login.
  • Catalina MAC OS by default does not allow installation of apps that are not notarized by Apple. It also requires approval by admin for apps to access desktop and documents folder.
  • SSL VPN-Plus Mac Client is notarized by Apple. Verification of notarization is done automatically during installation of the client and should work for most cases.
  • If it fails for some reason (For example: Because of a network connectivity issue), installation would be disallowed with a warning. To continue with the installation, you would need to permit the installation for SSL VPN-Plus Client app in Security & Privacy under System Preferences and allow it to access desktop and documents folder.

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