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Step 1: Settings

Click Settings.

In our example, we configure an Exchange 2013 account on a Z10 Blackberry OS 10.

Make sure that you are connected to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi.

Step 2: System settings

In system settings, select “Accounts” (Configure email, contacts, calendar).


Step 3: Add an account

Notice that here we can see the other types of account on your device.

Select Add Account.


Step 4: Advanced add

Then select Advanced.


Step 5: Advanced configuration

Then select the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account type.


Step 6: Account settings

Fill in the following under account settings:




enter the description of your choice.


leave this field empty.


your full Exchange email address


your full Exchange email address


The password chosen when creating your Exchange address

Server Address




this must be enabled

Use a VPN

this should be disabled by default.

Download messages while roaming

this allows you to download messages abroad using a mobile internet connection. This may incur extra costs with some operators.


this must be enabled.

Then click next

Step 7: Synchronisation options

Select the items you want to synchronise on your BlackBerry. By default, everything is synchronised.


Step 8: Account configured

Your account is now configured - you can access it via your BlackBerry Hub.


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